Macroscoping was founded on the premise that our clients have their specific needs and suppliers shouldn't offer what they have instead of what the client wants. Consequently, our business model is very client-centric which means that we invest a lot more time in understanding and imbibing our clients’ long term needs to be a credible partner and supplier in the journey ahead.

Technologically our focus is on exponential technologies and our AI practice works with clients having needs in NLP, Deep learning, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Forward (and Backward) chaining. We also support the efforts of our many partners providing solution implementation, wherein the skills are determined in delivering technological continuity.

We succeed based on our obsessive effort to deliver quality – every time. In an industry where there are multiple moving parts, we have successfully developed a methodology that delivers better and faster. Our systems and procedures weed out undesirable and wrongly represented skills in the beginning. Our recruiters are continuously trained and taught to imbibe new knowledge to differentiate in selecting great talent.